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Alchemy Arts

Vacancy: Project Coordinator

Desired Start Date: January 24th 2022
Hourly Wage: £12.50
Hours p/w: 14 hours per week
Location: Manchester Science Park / Remote
Placement duration: 26 weeks

Alchemy  Arts  are  looking  for  a  responsible  Project  Coordinator  to  administer and  organise types  of  projects,  from  simple  activities  to  more  complex plans. 

All Project Coordinator  responsibilities  include  working  closely  with  our  Project Manager  to prepare  comprehensive  action  plans,  including  resources,  timeframes,  and  budgets  for  projects. You  will perform  various  coordinating  tasks,  like  schedule  and  risk  management,  along  with administrative  duties,  like  maintaining  project documentation  and  handling  financial queries. To  succeed  in  this  role,  you  should  have  excellent  time  management  and communication  skills, as  you’ll collaborate  with  clients  and  internal teams  to  deliver  results  on  deadlines. 

Ultimately,  the  Project Coordinator’s  duties  are  to  ensure  that all  projects  are  completed on time,  within  budget,  and  meet high  quality  standard s. We  would  like  you  to  commence  your  duties  with  a  three month  trial period  on  Monday  24th January  2022.  Your  trial period  will be  reviewed monthly  to  allow  for  regular  feedback  between both  parties..

Please see the full job description HERE. To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to

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