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Watch & Listen: All Colours of COVID Episodes

We are delighted to announce that you can now watch and listen to the very first episode of Colours of COVID. 

Funded by Arts Council England, the Colours of COVID series will focus on mental health, wellbeing and creativity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

By delving deeper into some of the biggest issues and opportunities caused by COVID-19, we hope to encourage some of you to become creative as a result of the pandemic, but also make you better educated about the situation we currently face.

Episode 1: Surviving COVID-19

In episode 1, Zulfigar Khan, CEO of Great Health Care and the first confirmed COVID-19 survivor in the Midlands, discusses his experiences of contracting the virus.

Episode 2: Music During Lockdown

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the music scene over the last few months, with gigs and festivals cancelled across the world. To look at the impact of the virus on musicians, Matt McClenan, lead vocalist for up-and-coming Manchester-based Indie Rock band Kaleiders, joins us for episode 2 as he talks about his experiences.

Episode 3: Staying Fit During COVID-19

Staying fit and healthy during lockdown has been a big obstacle for many people, with gyms and health clubs closed for several months during 2020. We’ll be talking with Manchester-based personal trainer Saf Adam Ashraf to find out the best ways of staying physically and mentally fit during these uncertain times.

Episode 4: Art Therapy During Lockdown

We will be taking a closer look at the idea of art therapy, and the benefits it can bring. To do this, we are joined by Olatunde Spence, leading Art Psychotherapist and Trauma Therapist for Akoma Healing H’Arts.

Episode 5: The Rise of Podcasts

There has been a huge spike in the popularity of podcasts over recent months, and the ability to conduct these in a remote capacity has encouraged many to start podcasts of their own. We will be speaking to Mark Heads, co-founder of the popular fact-based ‘Baffled’ podcast, to learn a little more about what it takes to make a great podcast.

Episode 6: How Does a Country Deal with COVID-19?

For those interested in the science and strategy behind controlling a virus, Dr Samia Latif, Consultant in Communicable Disease Control at Public Health England, will be talking about how a country deals with a pandemic, and whether the ‘new normal’ is here to stay.

Our entire #ColoursofCOVID series will be available on our Spotify and YouTube channel.

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