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Alchemy Arts

VACANCY: Freelance Videographer & Editor

Alchemy Arts are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated Videographer & Editor to join the team in a freelance capacity.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be a part of our well-respected video production team, working on a variety of live projects and interviewing people from all walks of life.

This role will be a paid freelance opportunity, and further hours may become available if the successful candidate shows the right amount of talent and application.

About us:

Alchemy Arts is a non-profit organisation based in Manchester helping marginalised communities to thrive through creative outreach and unique projects designed to offer support that is often missing in society. We are looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic individual to support us in our outreach and promotional activity, as well as improving our creative and innovative brand through our website.

We need someone who will bring something really exciting to the table, a positive person who is dynamic and efficient with vision and drive, someone who uses their own initiative to help to enrich our growth with new ways to share Alchemy’s work with more people nationwide.

Ideally this person will be versatile and flexible with a varied skill set, and will grow with us and come on board with us in the long-term. This will help us move forward and secure vital funding to continue and expand the valuable work we do.

Duties of the successful candidate include:

– Join our video production team, producing content for our social media channels, YouTube channel and featured online video platform, Alchemy TV.

– Conduct interviews with filming participants, primarily in and around the Manchester / North-West area (travel expenses will be provided).

– Ensure that professional standards of lighting, sound and video quality are maintained throughout our productions.

– Work as our primary video editor, pulling together all interviews and secondary footage to produce the final Alchemy videos – this could be 10/15-minute series episodes, or longer-length documentary-style video content (the successful candidate will also be paid hourly for the time it takes to pull together the video content).

– Liaise with our pre-existing team of student video production volunteers to provide them with valuable experience of working on real-word briefs (we will be the main point of contact for students).

The ideal candidate will have:

– Strong verbal skills. This will be essential when asking questions or speaking with potential interviewees to build a rapport ahead of filming.

– Good listening skills. This is essential to decide which quotes and sound-bites are worthy of going in our final video production.

– Possession of a secure internet and phone connection for when you are editing remotely).

– Your own video-editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie are preferred, although other editing platforms will be acceptable, should they still provide a high-quality finish.

– Your own car or mode of transport. This is essential when driving to location to conduct and record an interview.

– No previous convictions (subject to criminal background check).

If you think you have the skills required and are passionate about joining the team here at Alchemy Arts, we’d love to hear from you!


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