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Alchemy Arts

What is the impact of our TEK Eagles Project?

At Alchemy Arts, we are proud to have helped elderly members of the Pakistani Community with the basics of using a smartphone, through our TEK Eagles programme. 

Led by community members in a hands-on, fun and collaborative environment, the TEK Eagles sessions cover key aspects of smartphone use for the elderly including communicating with friends and relatives via different channels, using video call facilities and taking photographs.

Each course is tailored with the individual participants in mind – ensuring the sessions are as useful and engaging as possible.

We created TEK Eagles after noticing how many of the things we take for granted, such as video calling relatives abroad, WhatsApp messaging friends or checking up on local news, often weren’t accessible to elderly members of the community.


Whilst the main aim is becoming more proficient in the essential aspects of using a smartphone, there are so many sub-benefits to this such as better communication, enhanced mental wellbeing and better access to key information regarding current affairs, health and more.

Three sessions have successfully ran in Manchester, Oldham and Bury, and there are plans to launch a fourth session in Salford in the coming weeks and months!

The first Alchemy Arts sessions took place in August 2019, and we were pleased to be one of two organisations who were successful in their Subculture Programme bid for Ambition for Ageing late last year.

Our sessions have had an impact on a wide range of individuals throughout the community. Take a closer look at what we’ve achieving by browsing our 16-page impact document.


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