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Alchemy Arts

Alchemy’s COVID-19 Response: Supporting and Educating The Community

The Coronavirus crisis has affected people around the globe in multiple ways.

With unprecedented disruption witnessed worldwide, COVID-19 has had a negative impact on people’s lives not only physically but also mentally, socially, emotionally, economically. In many cases it has exacerbated existing areas in society with greater need.

Those hardest hit tend to be those with existing difficulties – the elderly, those living with mental illness, long term health conditions, young people and people living in poverty.  

Now that our beneficiaries are no longer able to access any form of training, support services or even one-to-one interaction, communication, conversation and togetherness are more valuable and important than ever.

We want the positive work we do in the community to continue, so in these unprecedented times we have come up with some innovative ways to stay connected and ensure that we step up and support people as they navigate this difficult period. 

Two projects – one goal 

We took some time to reflect, reorganise and re-energise – for us it was vital to come up with a creative response to what is happening and to get it right, to maximise the support we can offer whilst remaining within government guidelines. 

We have created two projects to respond to the situation in a characteristically innovative and creative fashion, addressing needs in the community that aren’t currently being met. 

We are particularly focused on supporting people who are at risk of social exclusion due to distancing rules, people who are at risk of mental or physical illness, and addressing the misinformation shared on social platforms. 

Colours of COVID

Colours of COVID is an arts-based project developed to offer an outlet for people to process their emotional and mental response to the crisis through creative mediums of their choice – such as music, poetry, art and photography.

It allows valuable space for creative expression, enabling the community to positively express their feelings however they wish. We’ll collate the products of the project into a ‘time capsule’ serving as a reminder for years to come of how people felt and coped during this difficult time. Find out more about Colours of COVID here.

COVID-19 Seminars 

In conjunction with the Lottery fund we will be delivering 12 online digital health workshops for the BAME community across the UK aimed at engaging individuals at high risk of contracting COVID-19. 

Alchemy’s COVID-19 Response was developed as a result of the current pandemicIt will comprise of a virtual platform that will allow us to continue to reach the most vulnerable and isolated people with the BAME community who have not been able to access any meaningful engagement within the arts and creative industries.

Our aim is to provide those who are marginalised with an opportunity to find an expression for all their creative skills in a way that is relevant and connected to the times that we are living in. Virtual meetings will address misinformation and instead deliver culturally appropriate, easy to understand and factual messages to help people to stay safe and well. 

Seminars will be delivered in multiple languages to ensure that they are fully accessible and can be of use to everyone in the community.

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