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Crumpsall TEK Eagles head to Whitworth Art Gallery


On December 16th 2019 the Whitworth Art Gallery hosted our Crumpsall TEK Eagles group in Their Grand Hall.

One of the key aspects of the project was to provide opportunities of social mobility and experiences that the group didn’t have before.

This group was really creative and wanted to have the final outcome to be a unique representation of themselves, so we came up with the idea of having a photo gallery, a collection of memories that reminds them of their happy place, their home their passion or where their heart takes them?

The journey to develop the gallery was very important because each individual had the opportunity to share their inspiration their story behind their images. We found this to be really powerful, this really made the group bond and it built confidence in every individual, many had never spoke in a group before and now their most personal stories felt valued which in turn built confidence, self esteem and self belief and that was so rewarding to see.

The exhibition was an opportunity for the group to celebrate the programme, their amazing achievement which culminated In a certificate presentation.

Crumpsall is one of the most heavily populated Black And Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and a community that suffers from multiple health inequalities that is more and more socially isolated. This is why we felt that this community would most benefit from our project. We felt that this area was still very rooted in their culture but also open to dialogue and change, the willingness to try new things, new experiences was so clear and their reaction to having their work displayed at the gallery was so pleasing to see. None of the participants had ever even been to an art gallery before let alone have their work displayed in one, so for me the overwhelming memory of this group will always be seeing the reaction on their faces the smiles as they entered the grand hall to see their work on display in all its glory, absolutely magical!

Take a look at some of their artwork down below:
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