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My time on ‘the other side’

Today’s blog is a special blog, written by Alchemy Arts’ very own Jonathon Watt. It is an encapsulating and well written piece proving that REAL community cohesion exists in our society, also disproving some of the negative misconceptions about the Muslim community that are published in today’s Media. A MUST READ!

My Time On ‘The Other Side’, by Jonathon Watt:

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the Asian Business Awards with Alchemy Arts.  As a White male, I was very much within a minority at the event.
I was even asked jokingly by an Asian colleague how it felt to be a minority.

At the time the question was asked, I replied instantly while laughing ‘I feel fine,’ however as the night went on, I found myself reflecting on the question and actually thinking about it
deeper. Here I was sat amongst predominately Asian Men and Women, and although I was greeted warmly and made to feel very welcome by everyone, I found myself, subconsciously then consciously searching for commonality.  This got me thinking how it must be for Minority Communities around the world. How they must think and feel constantly amongst dominant groups. There was a definite shift in my thought process that night.  For me, it became so much more than attending an awards ceremony,  I felt it facilitated self awareness.

I also attended a Mosque with Alchemy. This time I was the only white person there.  Even though I am a non Muslim, I was welcomed into the mosque with open arms. The Iman of the mosque actually embraced me and welcomed me in.
This got me thinking would a Muslim be welcome in a Christian or Catholic Church as I was welcomed in a Mosque? Does radicalisation happen in a mosque? I found the mosque to be a place of peace, love and serenity and it was powerful for me to have been accepted.

I would like to end this post with a quote that I find really inspiring – “We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.”

That is a quote by the American physician, comedian, social activist, clown, and author Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams. I like it so much as it really does ring true, the evidence of re-creating community through a sense of belonging is so clear in this blog post. That is what We (Alchemy) are aiming to achieve, a community where all feel valued and respected. “

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