Shah Jahan Mosque

This unique Grade II listed site is situated among pine trees, tucked away on the south east corner of Horsell Common. Designed by architect T H Winney and built by local Woking firm, Ashby and Horner Ltd, it is bounded by ornate brick walls and has a domed archway entrance and minaret, reflecting the design of the nearby Shah Jahan Mosque.
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Woking Trip

The Peace Garden was officially opened on Thursday 12 November 2015 by His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO.
World War II cost the lives of over 36,000 Indian servicemen and more than 34,000 were wounded and over 67,000 became prisoners of war. World War II was the last time the Indian Army fought as the British Indian Army, as independence and partition followed in 1947.

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Normandy Trip

The vital role that Muslims, as soldiers, played in the British war effort, especially during the first and second world wars, is an important aspect of history that can easily be forgotten. However, this is a crucial link in history that can increase the pride in personal and cultural identity among Muslim youth of today. It can also foster a feeling of belonging and citizenship in a world that is increasingly feeling fragmented. The positive effects of peace and unity can go a long way in bringing Islam back to the forefront of national pride.

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