During an educational photography course package, lasting 8 weeks, our aim is to engage the attention of a variety participants with an outcome to achieve a training process, which will enable a gradual confidence and self-esteem boost with the use of an artistic, creative level of skill and experience.

This project will inspire and engage the participants to gain an essential boost in confidence and self-esteem with the knowledge and skill set achieved in order to gain an understanding into the world of media.

During the 8 week period, participants are able to explore and capture events or subjects using their surroundings as a blank canvas for their imagination and creativity.

We will undergo a select number of engaging activities that will enable increased understanding in the use of photography, starting from novice perspective engagement to an intermediate/advanced level of understanding.

The goal is to display and set up an exhibit at the end of the project where parents, visitors and V.I.P guests are invited to view and discuss various artistic images, captured by the participants.

Some of the activities we plan to engage the participants in are: Capturing colors and shapes to construct a collaborative group mosaic, experience in being creative and artistic to capture and share experiences through the use of photography art forms and the use of teamwork to set up and use a photography studio.

All contributors will gain a basic understanding of photography in areas such as: Learning the camera settings, tips & tricks and a traditional production workflow; in a creative, engaging environment.

Team work is essential during the project as all contributors will gain collaborative experience and skills from interacting and sharing ideas with each other.

Captured video footage to be used for additional promotion content for community magazines and website.

The outcome of the project will be to display and showcase participants' achievements and content; this allows participants to engage in an interesting, engaging medium using an alternative method of expression and creativity.

Participants will gain a complete project package containing: Worksheets, informational booklets, copy of content, access to DVD of promo & potential Art Awards for each participant taken part.