Paris Trip – Day Three

A Blast From The Past

The next morning came sooner then we realized. With a plan already formed in our minds me, Jen and David visited the small cafe for breakfast again. Quickly filling ourselves up with coffee and croissants we were debriefed on our assignments by Adil. We were to split into two teams, Adil, Loose and Sanny were to arrange a meeting with Pascal Couber. Pascal is one of the inspirations behind the Forgotten Soldiers project. He had told us that he had not seen Pascal for eight years and was very excited to meet his dear friend again. Meanwhile I, Jen and David had the whole of Paris to explore as we were left to our own devices to discover places that linked to the forgotten soldier’s project. 

DSC01411 copy.jpg
  Pascal Couber

Pascal Couber

After a little bit of research, we quickly hit the Metro to go to our first destination. Today’s weather was relentless, the rain had no mercy. However, this would not stop us filming at our first location. We managed to find a little cover from the rain underneath a building. Jen and I decided to do a bit of filming on the camera about the history of the area. It was a really great experience to film all the camera angles however it would have been a lot more fun without the rain!

Once done, we set off to our next location. It was the Au de triumph. The monument was a magnificent spectacle. I don’t think anyone of us had seen anything like it. It was packed full of tourist, very busy roads and just a bustling, lively area. While here, we went to a little Chinese restaurant for lunch. Yes, Chinese in France. The food was really delicious and the decor made things even better. After filling our monstrous stomachs, we quickly decided to spend some time drowning ourselves in French culture. 

We knew what we had to do. We settled off down the champ elysees, one of the most famous streets in Paris which is full of the most top, popular café and shops in the world. Oh, and very expensive. At the first shop, I decided to inherit some French style and brought a beautiful, blue beret which I donned immediately. The French style looked great by the way. However, me and Jen were on a hunt for something particular though on this street. 

Those delicious mini hamburger lookalikes. Although, so very expensive to by. We had to settle on McDonalds Macaroons, the cheapest we could find, but they were still amazing to eat. I saved mine for my family back home despite the temptation to eat them all. After spending some time, we got a call from Adil saying they had Pascal and were ready for the interview. 

Hopping back on the metro, we met up with Adil and our interviewee. She was actually the very first French woman I had the privilege to meet and she was a very kind, polite and funny character. We set up the interview at a local café. The day was bright, and the street was bustling with noise. Maybe a bit too much since we were on a busy road and the cars were extremely loud. However, the interview was very emotional as Pascal talked about how she was part of the inspiration for the project and how recent Paris attacks had affected her. After the interview, we went back to our original groups as Adil went to drop off Pascal. Me, Jen and David decided to visit the Notre Dame for a few more scenic shots. The cathedral was really amazing place and a must visit in France. Soon, we were hungry again and we went to a local French restaurant. It was there that I and Jen got the chance to try snails! And, let me tell you it doesn’t taste like chicken. But it was very nice to have. The rest of the meal was delicious and had a very homely feel to it. The waiter was very nice and made the meal more enjoyable.

  Adil Interviewing the Pascal Couber

Adil Interviewing the Pascal Couber

Once we all returned back to the hotel, we knew we had to catch an early night because of the journey we would have tomorrow to get back home to Manchester. We were all really sad to be leaving France as it had been an enjoyable trip, with a lot of up and downs however we were looking forward to meeting our families too. 

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