Paris Trip - Day One

A Thousand Wrong Turns

The Paris trip was a long anticipated journey, which all its participants were looking forward too. The night before the trip the people going on this voyage were: Adil, Loose, Sanny, Jenny, David and, me, Zainab. The trip aim was to find out more information about Muslim Soldiers while in Paris, how much impact these soldiers had and keeping our eye out on any interesting pieces of information that we did not find out back in the United Kingdom.     
Armed with our suitcases and safely getting through customs, our newly made team quickly boarded the plane set for Paris. The ride was full of anticipation as we were hoping to discover more information on Muslim soldiers in France. The view outside the plane, above the clouds, was beautiful. A clear blue sky. After an hour and a half, we arrived at our destination. After getting our bags and going through customs we were officially in Paris. No one was feeling jet lagged as everyone was very excited for the journey ahead of us. There was a buzz of excitement flittering through the air. 

We collected our rented car from the airport, but there wasn’t much room at the back for our entire luggage though. However somehow, we managed to stuff all the suitcases from six people in the back along with the camera equipment. Which was not an easy feat and we were pretty sure that something was going to fall out of the back during the journey. Luckily, I managed to squash myself at the back of the car with the suitcases as their sole protector, making sure they were still at the back by the end of the journey. 

Adil, our designated driver, quickly set the Sat Nav to the hotel. And, here was where our first problems arose. Driving on the right hand side of the road was really difficult for Adil and there were multiple times we had to backtrack and we did numerous U-Turns. 

The Sat Nav never helped much either. Despite the many wrong turns, we were still giddy with excitement at the scene Paris had laid before us. The weather was bright unlike the gloom we left back in Britain and the environment was a lot classier.                                                        After more than an hour of constant driving, we, as the Sat Nav likes to say, “reached our destination.” The hotel was quiet at first and the booking was quick. We were all ready to chuck our suitcases away and explore the new area. None of us wanted to stay put and we wanted to make the most out of the half of day we had left. Jenny and I shared a room, separate beds and just enough closets to fit stuff in. The room was average size but there was a nice view from outside the window. Luckily, everything seemed clean enough for our stay. Satisfied with our room, we both headed out to spend our first day.

Walking around the area we would be staying, our excitement just bloomed. There were loads of nice little local shops, bakery’s, restaurants…and Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Seeing the last two made us hungry and we stopped to eat. After eating, we managed to locate the metro, which was really close by and would be the lead of transport while we would be in Paris. Adil brought a bunch of tickets for the next four days and we were off.

The Metro was crowded with all kinds of individuals who all gathered. It didn’t take too long to wait for a tram and catch it for the first time. They say the Paris Metro is one of the best in the world and that isn’t wrong, we arrived at our first destination quickly

The Eiffel Tower.

It is a gorgeous tall building and very appealing to look at. Walking down towards it is very scenic and a route which I advise everyone to take. The green grass, the clear blue skies, the people selling little gifts to buy for people back home. It really is a very calm experience to walk towards the tower. Oh, and very expensive. Someone tried to sell Adil a water bottle for 3 quid. He failed though. After spending some time in this area, we quickly found a café to settle down so Adil, Loose and Suhail could finish watching a football match that was going on. We already managed to film some great highlights of Paris for the documentary so it was nice to settle down and drink some Hot chocolate and Ice tea.

Finishing off the little snack, we headed back the way we came to the Metro passing by the Eiffel Tower again. The Journey back home was peaceful as we didn’t get back until very late. By time we got off the Metro, the sky was a darkish blue and the streets were lightened by artificial light. The area was dead as no one was around yet strangely peaceful and scenery. On the way back, we stopped by Pizza Hut where Jen, David and I got three separate pizza’s and cheese sticks. A big meal we were determined to eat with no leftovers.

Once we settled in the hotel room and with Pizza, Jen, David and I got tucked into searching information for Normandy sites, which was where we were heading tomorrow. It was a long night of research and information on the Muslim Soldiers in Normandy was very hard to find, or just near impossible. By the time our research was over, it was 4 in the morning, we were all pizza stuffed and very tired. It was at this time when we head to bed knowing we had to rest before the big day to Normandy tomorrow.

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