Forgotten Soldiers Exhibition

The Exhibition looks at commemorating the role of Muslim soldiers in world war 1 and 2 celebrating our shared histories, communities, amazing diversity and cohesion .

The vital role that Muslims, as soldiers, played in the British war effort, especially during the first and second world wars, is an important aspect of history that isn’t widely recognised by young Muslims. However, this is a crucial link in history that can increase the pride in personal and cultural identity for the UK Muslim youth of today. Awareness of the contribution Muslims played during the Great War and Second World War may foster a feeling of belonging and citizenship for young Muslims presently exposed to unsolicited social media commentary and mass media coverage failing to promote messages of unity within UK society.  This positive message of peace and unity can go a long way in bringing true Islam back to the forefront of national pride for the Muslim youth in the UK, fostering tolerance and reducing prejudice within wider society.  This message is vital given the troubling present global political climate.




This multimedia community led exhibition highlights the vital role muslims played in Britain's war effort. Bringing to life the historical locations visited during the project, participation of the grassroots community & amazing stories of muslim heroes in a way that's relevant & connected to the times we are living in. our touring exhibition can be hired to appear at your venue.

Utilising the power of film, media & arts to tackle alienation, encourage citizenship and foster a greater sense of belonging. Through delivering various interactive projects we explore our shared history and how many countries regardless of colour, nationality and religious indifferences came together to serve one nation to overcome a common enemy.