My Memory Cloud Is a virtual time line of an individual living with dementia. Dementia is a condition that can leave individuals feeling lost and alone but with our memory cloud we aim to keep those memories alive as long as possible.


We hope that the personal time lines that are created in partnership with the family, friends and carers of people living with dementia can act as lasting memory for all involved and a pocket of happiness at a time that can be very emotionally draining for all involved.

The memory cloud will consist of, music, images and favorite moments in their life, we know that dementia can make our memories fade but this does not mean they should be forgotten.

Alchemy Arts intends to develop a Dementia Awareness Hub that will help change the negative image of dementia in the BME Community. We will raise awareness and understanding of the impact of dementia on an inter-generational level, as well as increase empathy, understanding and communication of people living with dementia.

We want people living with Dementia to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

We will provide weekly activities from specialist facilitators that will enable people to sustain a healthy and balanced diet as well as increasing their awareness of Dementia. The hub will also offer support to the families, friends and carers of those living with Dementia.

Our Five Key "My Memory Cloud" Outcomes

  1.  Challenging Negative Stereotypes of Dementia, Attitudes & Behaviours.
  2.  Supporting people living with Dementia to maintain their independence for as long as possible.
  3. Raising awareness of Dementia in the BME Community.
  4.  Create a safe space living with Dementia, their friends & carers to increase empathy, understanding& communication.
  5. Develop a Resource Pack for BME Communities in their own community languages. 

My Memory Cloud Profiles (Development on-going)

Below is a list of "My Memory Cloud" participants : - Click on a selected profile to view it



Abdul's wife was living with Dementia, he was not familiar with the condition and came to the workshops to learn more about the effects and onset this has on families, careers and Dementia patients. 

During the workshops, Abdul expressed his interest in musical culture and is eager to learn and develop himself as an individual, setting goals and becoming more involved in the community.

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Kevin attended with an open mindset to learning about all the different types of Dementia, how to care for individuals and signs of early causes.


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Carl has a huge passion for reggae music and culture. His big musical inspiration is Bob Marley, he sings along to our playlists throughout the sessions.


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Mrs Morgan

Mrs Morgan currently lives with Dementia, the with the support of her family, friends and workshops has enabled her to continue with everyday tasks. she is currently attempting to learn more about her dementia and understanding various support avenues to explore.

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