A New Beginning

For those of you who visit our website regularly, you may have noticed a new heading under our logo titled 'Blog'. That's right, from now on Alchemy Arts will be producing regular blog material for you guys to read through, so you're updated on all the wonderful things we are involved in!

I like to think of this Blog as a new chapter of Alchemy Arts' story, 'A new beginning' if you will. What better time to get the ball rolling, than the glorious month of Ramadan? 

Throughout this month, I will be updating this blog with daily Ramadan inspired posts, for you all to read through whenever you get a chance. 


Who am I? I'm the newest member of Alchemy Arts' lovely team, in charge of this blog and our social media accounts and on behalf of myself and Alchemy, I would like to wish you all a joy filled month, regardless of your background/religion. 

Ramadan Mubarak.