Get involved: Forgotten Soliders

Alchemy Arts is looking for individuals to take part in our “Forgotten Soldiers” documentary. We are looking for Muslims who served for the British Army or family members of those who served during the two world wars to share their stories and experiences. 

The long and distinguished record of Muslim service in the British armed forces has gone almost unnoticed in recent years; it is imperative we increase public knowledge of the services and sacrifices that over one million Muslim’s who fought for Britain during the two world wars made.

Through our documentary, we aim to educate people about lesser-known narratives from the conflict as a way of tackling alienation, encouraging citizenship and fostering a sense of belonging. We will also be exploring the role of youths, the story of 15 year old boys who fought Hitler’s elite units during the second world war, capturing views of young Muslims today, before and after their educational journey with the crew.

The documentary will focus on and bring to life a number of historical figures such as Noor Inayat Khan, a Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent during the Second World War who was posthumously awarded the George Cross, Khudadad Khan, the first Indian/Muslim soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross, among a range of other less known but equally significant awardees.

We want to attract contributors from diverse ethnic backgrounds, whose lives have been personally affected by the two world wars. All participants from all backgrounds are welcome and will be encouraged to speak using minority languages, thus allowing the documentary to become more accessible.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Team Alchemy on: